Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Sue and I am standing in the upcoming Kingston Council byelection in Chessington South ward as the local Conservative candidate. The election is due to take place on Thursday 6th May 2021 – the same day as the London Mayoral election.

I’m delighted to be standing as a candidate and look forward to talking to as many local residents as possible in the coming weeks.

We are the forgotten end of the borough, starved of funding and blighted by inappropriate planning applications. I’m determined to make a positive difference and be a strong voice for the residents of Chessington South and Malden Rushett.


  1. Chessington resident, business owner and community champion: Sue Towner has lived locally for 30 years, where she started a successful accounting business. Sue is an independent thinker and is passionate about wanting to get a fair deal for local residents. As your local councillor she would be a strong voice and champion for Chessington South ward.
  2. Time for change and a new voice for Chessington & Malden Rushett:  The LibDems have been in control locally for more than 30 years, but it still feels like it’s the forgotten end of the borough. A vote for Sue Towner would send a message to those in charge that Chessington South residents aren’t going to accept second best any longer.
  3. Fighting inappropriate overdevelopment and preserving the Green Belt: Sue will support the local community in opposing proposals for inappropriate developments that don’t take into account the impact on local services and roads. Any housing development should be good quality, include affordable housing and be in keeping with the local area.
  4. Greener, cleaner and smarter:  Sue loves the area, but wants improvements to the local environment with greener, cleaner and smarter streets. As well as planting more trees and plants, our streets and green areas could look smarter and be better maintained.
  5. Supporting our local Police, NHS services and Schools:  Sue wants to ensure that both the Police and various health services are kept local and easy to access. Kingston Council needs to better support our local schools and ensure that parents have a choice of good quality local schools.

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